Frequently asked questions

Who does repairs on my house?

What happens if the resident leaves before the end of the lease?

What happens if a resident incurs damage in the property?

How do you find residents and how long will it take?

Can I choose the resident for my house?

How and when do I get my money each month?

What do i need to do to prepare my house for renting?

What happens when a tenant doesn't pay rent?


Will you clean my rental home before I move in?

How do I get in touch with someone if I have a question about my home?

Where do I pay my rent each month?

What happens if I move out before my lease ends?

Do you allow my pets?

Can I paint or wallpaper my rental home?

Can I add a friend to my lease?

Are the locks changed prior to my moving in ?

Who takes care of cutting the grass?

How do I get my deposit back?