Property management services in McMinnville such as Stevens Realty are now doing tenant screening on behalf of the landlords. It’s one of the key services, as landlords will always want a good tenant. But sadly, all tenants might not be that good.

Screening processes are not the same as well. The exact nature of the service will vary, depending on the company that is doing it. So you must find out how much screening the firm is actually going to do. Also ask about protection you are going to receive later, if the tenant turns out to be a poor one. The prospective tenants will do their bit as well to hide facts and will make every attempt to appear their best. This makes the process even more difficult.

Always ask these questions about the tenant screening process.

1. Methods used for tenant screening

The process will always be comprehensive with quality property management services in McMinnville such as Stevens Realty. We contact former landlords, verify income and employment records, run credit checks, look out for public notices such as eviction and bankruptcy, and check personal references among others. We sometimes employ different property managers for all this, because each manager excels in their own fields and methods.

2. What are the most important tenant qualifications? Does a tenant qualify if the person meets some areas, but not all?

As the landlord, ideally, you want a tenant who meets all the criteria’s. We also like this. So we are always looking for absolutely clean records. But sometimes, we are OK with something that happened a long time back, such as a bankruptcy 10 years back, particularly if the financial records show that the person has been absolutely stable since then. Perhaps it was just this one glitch. However there cannot be any compromise with some records, like criminal record or eviction for instance.

3. Will the property management service in McMinnville give you the tenant information so that you can deny or approve yourself?

There are some landlords who want to take the decision themselves. So they will like to receive all the information before deciding. However, this might not be the wise thing to do. Property management services in McMinnville such as Stevens Realty excel at tenant screening. We have the professionals to do a good job and take the right decisions after valuing the risks of each tenant. You are paying for our knowledge and experience. So we believe that owners should stay out of the critical screening process. Fair housing violation lawsuits can run into several thousands of dollars. So why take the chance? But if you absolutely insist, then we will share the data with you.

Also make it a point to check the tenant screening record of the firm. Look for things like this – how many tenant screenings have they done for landlords, how many times did it lead to an eviction or lawsuit, and such others. Of course, you should ask for the fee as well.

**We charge 10% of the rent we collect for Single Family Homes and 8% for Multi Family Homes.

All you have to do is just fill out a short form to get started. Do please get in touch with us if you have any questions about our property management services in McMinnville.

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