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Chattanooga TN Rental Property Management

What does our property management services cost you? As a full-service Chattanooga rental property management firm, we offer the most comprehensive and cost effective management solution in the industry for residential property management. Stevens Realty has established a higher standard, for the property management industry, by incorporating innovative processes and systems which are managed by professional and well-trained staff of experienced managers, maintenance technicians and high level accountants. Here are just a few of the many services we provide:

Comprehensive Marketing & Advertising Program

Stevens Realty spends thousands of dollars every month on advertising our rental vacancies in Chattanooga TN. We have negotiated exclusive contracts with major advertising providers to ensure top placement and frequency. As a result, we take hundreds of calls daily from prospective tenants which results in us leasing properties much faster than our competitors

Rigorous Credit, Income and Criminal Screening

Stevens Realty makes every effort to find tenants who will pay rent a timely manner. We require all rental applicants to verify their income to ensure they can afford the rent. We run criminal and credit background checks on everyone who is over age 18 in the home. We also check with the last two landlords, the tenants rented from, to make sure they were good tenants. We follow all Federal and State real estate regulations to ensure you are in full compliance.

Routine Inspections

We inspect all rental properties we manage on a regular basis to ensure they are being well maintained by the tenants. These inspections are done by local qualified home inspectors who will inform you of any issues that need to be addressed. We will also update you if we find any issues with the property's plumbing, water heaters, air conditioners, or any other mechanical systems and appliances.

Online Accounting and Financial Reporting

Stevens Realty utilizes a web-based property management system. We provide our Chattanooga property owners with online access to view their financial statements that show when monies are collected and disbursements are made. We provide numerous reports including tenant rental payment history, work order history, property history and financial statements. Our system provides you, the owner, with access to the information you need, when you need it.

Maintenance Coordination

In addition to saving you time and money through our management services, Stevens Realty provides high quality, and timely maintenance, on your property. Our in-house maintenance managers, and preferred vendor relationships, will save you time and money as well as ensure the repairs are done in a professional manner.

Rent Collections

Our collection processes are professional, yet tough. We are very diligent in collecting your rent in a timely manner. We set the expectation early on so that the tenants understand that their rent must be paid on time. In addition, as the rent payments come in, the funds are quickly disbursed to you through electronic direct deposit or a standard check

Complete Eviction and Possession Services

We follow proven and standard practices when it comes to collecting rent. However, in the event that a tenant can no longer meet their rental obligations, we will handle the eviction process swiftly. Our rental property managers are knowledgeable in State and local Landlord and Tenant laws. If rents are not paid on time, we initiate the legal steps necessary to collect rents or evict tenants. We handle the entire eviction process so you do not have to worry about a thing.

What does our property management services cost you?

Option 1: Tenant finder

Stevens Realty will find and qualify a tenant for the owner. The tenant and owner will sign the owner's lease. Stevens Realty will have no contact with the owner or tenant after the qualified tenant is located. Price: One month's rent.

Option 2: Leasing and rent collection

Stevens Realty will:
- Find the tenant
- Sign the lease
- Collect the rent
- Send the money to the owner less the management fee
Price: 6% of cash collected in Cookeville/McMinnville/Chattanooga and 8% of cash collected outside of Cookeville/McMinnville/Chattanooga.

Option 3: Maintenance and Turnover

Stevens Realty will
- Take the maintenance request from the tenant or owner
- Contact the vendor
- Ensure the work is done correctly
- Do the turn-over on the property
- Pay the vendors
- Issue 1099 for the vendors
- Call the tenants to ensure the tenant is happy and the work is done.
Price: 4% of cash collected in Cookeville/McMinnville/Chattanooga and 6% of cash collected outside of Cookeville/McMinnville/Chattanooga .

Option 4: Pay bill, Financial/Tax reporting and Book keeping services

Stevens Realty will
- Pay bills
- Monthly management statements
- Tax and yearend reporting
- Copies of invoices and miscellaneous paper work
Price: 3 % of rent collected.

If you choose to manage your own maintenance, you will provide Stevens Realty a phone number for the tenant to call for maintenance. You will handle all maintenance and turnover. You will manage and pay all the vendors. Stevens Realty does not get involved with any maintenance issues or any phone calls for maintenance. You can select any combination of these services. If you select all the services, the management fee will be 10% of cash collected in Cookeville/McMinnville/Chattanooga and 15% of cash collected outside of Cookeville How do I get started with Stevens Realty?
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